Thursday, 20 July 2017

Days 46 - 50: Regina

The following takes place between 16 - 20 July.

A lie-in and a slow start to the morning saw us eventually head out to "The Leg" - the Legislative Building situated next to the beautiful Wascana Lake. We stopped to take a look at the building and the gardens, but landed up taking a guided tour around the inside of the building.
It has lovely marble pillars and houses some amazing artwork of the past judges and First Nations elders.

The table used during the meeting of the Fathers of Confederation in Quebec City in 1864 is in the library, but with six feet removed. You can see the cut line in the picture.
Dinner on Sunday night were delicious home-smoked ribs and salad.

Monday was bike cleaning day, and I had the most willing helper. Alexis gave Shirley a wonderful soapy bath and had my tires sparkling in no time. The dirty chain stood no chance and was soon gleaming too! Thanks Alexis, Shirley is now purring and ready for the next stretch of the journey.
I took Shirley to Dutch Cycles, a bike store recommended to me by Brian of the Saski crew while on the Icefields Parkway, to have new handlebar tape wrapped on, as well as to get a new pump.
They did a great job, chucked in a little discount too, and had me back out and home in no time at all.
Monday night was baseball night. We were going to watch the Red Socks. Not those Red Socks, but the Regina Red Socks.
At the Mount Pleasant diamond, the home side took the victory over Moose Jaw, 10-3.
The smoke from the BC fires had blown in all day and provided us with a fireball red sunset!

Tuesday morning we went to the Mosaic Stadium to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders practice. They are the local CFL team and are playing Clagary this weekend. Following the stadium, Kathleen, the kids and I went to Coney Island Cafe for poutine! You can have any topping imaginable, and the same goes for their milkshakes! Tonight I met with Brian and Aldona, and kids, from the Icefields Parkway, for dinner. A lovely feast was provided. Thank you, it was really good to see you again!

Wednesday morning we went to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum followed by lunch in Victoria Park. We unfortunately missed the farmers market, oh well.
We made our way to Milky Way this evening for ice cream. The weather had been amazing the last few days, and tonight is no different. Calm, and warm, it's a perfect night for ice cream.

Thursday. A shopping day. I picked up a few items for the road tomorrow, packed my bags and took Shirley for a quick spin. I haven't been on the bike since Saturday, giving my legs a complete break, and the saddle sores a chance to simmer down!

Tomorrow I am aiming for Grenfell, 130km away. Hopefully the wind will assist.

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  1. Yay - You're back! Lovely post once again. Thanks for the update